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Wanted: Q & A session with devs

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Wanted: Q & A session with devs

Postby Jorolo » Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:01 pm

Maybe the devs should have a small live Q & A with already pre-defined subjects weekly or at a steady basis. I know that the chat works quite well, but by having a strictly Q & A with defined subjects, we could focus on brainstorming and getting new players opinions as well. The forum for once doesn't really work that well. Both players and devs are quite inactive. And the chat in game seems to fill up with nonsence or not really provide that much input. For example the embassy question that's active right now could be such a session. Limit it down to one hour and try to really get some great ideas coming.

Sure that quality usually ends up higher if you actually take some time to write a forum topic, but the quantity from such a session would surely be of more value.

Just a suggestion. Sincerely Jorolo :geek:
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Re: Wanted: Q & A session with devs

Postby rikardw » Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:32 pm

Great idea, I'll start planning setting something up.

We will also add a better feedback function to the game. So you can vote on issues that are important. And also comment on them.

How would you prefer the weekly Q & A to work? Maybe we could just set up a global Q & A chat that we open when we are discussing a certain topic.
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