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Just Some Suggestions

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Just Some Suggestions

Postby freemasons » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:50 pm

I have some casual thoughts on how to improve the game.

Scouting discoverable tiles should be two clicks max. It should automatically send one scout from your currently selected city. Ex: Click on tile, click scout, thats it.

Battle Reports:
- The last battle report against another player's city should be viewable in that players city view (along with the attack, scout, transfer tabs).
- When attacking/raiding, you should only receive intelligence on the others players troops if you have at least 50% the power than the defensive force (ex: you will not receive a intelligence in the report if you attack a force of 1000 troops with just one troop). This is similar to the requirement for scouting cities.

Troop Build Time:
After playing equinox for a while, I don't seem to feel like I have many troops (although I have way more than other players). Perhaps you could decrease the build time. Running troops in the queue 24/7 seems too easy at this point.

Heroes should be transferable between cities, perhaps at a very slow speed though. Cost Gold?

Artillery/City Damage:
You should have the ability to damage cities with your artillery. Perhaps through sieges that take an extended period of time. Damage would be based on your relative population size to the player you are sieging, time, and the number of artillery units. You should be able to target specific buildings.

Raiding/Attacking Players With No Defense:
There should be some detriment to players that simply move their troops and res out of a city when there is an incoming attack or raid. Perhaps a percentage decrease in res/ gold output for a period of time. It should be cumulative to prevent continual attacks and multies creating farm accounts.

You should be able to raze/destroy your own cities or immediately destroy conquered cities. Razing your own city should take time, perhaps 10% of the original build time for all your upgrades (ex: it took 10 days for you to build a city, so it will take 1 day to raze it). It seems kind of annoying that you cant get rid of a city unless someone conquers it from you. If you would have issues with the programming to renew a tile to the original, perhaps you can change the city to "ruins" that are not colonisable but have some sort of NPC/Instance aspect.

Online Status:
Only Friends or people within your alliance should see when you are online/offline.

City limit:
You should not be limited in the number of cities you have. City cost in research points should go up exponentially but the number of cities should not end at ten. Research becomes pointless after you research your tenth city. Why? I bought all those pretty research bonus buildings....

Attack Time:
The length of time to attack/raid/conquer is quite short. Not everyone can react to an attack within 15 minutes when they are notified. This creates a really bad combination with the online status issue. I believe alot of players are annoyed when they are attacked as soon as they go offline. I say that you double the time it takes to travel.

Raiding Statistics:
The amount raided for a particular players stats should not go below 0, as this would clearly indicate farms or weak players. Plus, I don't want people scavenging on my new farms!

The game is almost polished and I believe if you at least include some of my suggestions you would be able to gain more players. I will, of course, have more suggestions to add later.
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Re: Just Some Suggestions

Postby Khyzath » Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:55 pm

Alot of good ideas!

Keep the suggestions coming. :)
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Re: Just Some Suggestions

Postby roandr » Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:33 pm

More filter options. After several hundred scout reports it's near to impossible finding that "cool" spot you scouted days before (Unless one keep notes. I believe a filtering option is much better though). Listing only tiles with certain bonuses would be beneficial (Ex. showing only tiles with double rares or those rare research*9 tiles).

At the moment I am using a channel as a notepad for these finds.
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Re: Just Some Suggestions

Postby rikardw » Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:45 pm

Yeah, we will add a filtering system.

Atm you can pin tiles so you get a compass pointing towards them.

But yeah a filtering system will be added.
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Re: Just Some Suggestions

Postby roandr » Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:18 pm

Production queue
The possibility to change the order of stuff in the production queue without having to cancel the production. I've done a few hasty clicks and thus gotten the order of production wrong. It matters when I'm waiting for that vital upgrade so I can start pumping out units for defence or attack.
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