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building queque limit

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building queque limit

Postby nman51 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:25 pm


I know it's a known and probably old topic, but the only 1 building limit is making this game unplayable.
I don't believe raising the normal building queque to 5 or even 10 buildings for basic players will be a negative impact on the game, it will only even out the scores between players who have limitless time to play the game and those who can log on a few times a week.
If you're counting on the building subscription i may suggest switching it with an auto build subscription that will automatically upgrade buildings you allow as soon as you have the res.

The limit gets especially annoying later in the game when you need to settle new cities.

hopefully this issue will be resolved by next round, otherwise i'm afraid it will be a very boring round....

don't let this game die!
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Re: building queque limit

Postby poirazisd » Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:03 pm

This game is already dead... we are like ghosts on an abandoned server...

No one is working on improving the game (although there are hundreds of suggestions from previous chapter)...

No one is checking for multies (although is obvious someone is raiding bought resources)...

Forum is dead...

Chat is dead...

And i really find it very difficult to come up with arguments why should my friends give this a try...
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