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Stamina for heroes to limit raid?

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Stamina for heroes to limit raid?

Postby criticalfail » Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:22 pm

Limiting raids and making this game more tactical is in my opinion something to aim for. One way to limit the number of raids
would be to add a stamina system for heroes. Heroes stamina would regenerate during time (maybe depending on the hero and items the hero have, possibly other buffs from structures). Heroes without stamina would be unable to perform and offensive actions. (they would be able to defend however)

Hero Level 5
4 stamina
stamina regen 0.5 per hour

Raiding takes 1 stamina
All out attack takes 2 stamina
Instance battles take 2 stamina
Switching gear on the hero take 1 stamina

This means that this particular hero would only be able to raid once per hour with his current stamina regen. (if you want to raid continuously over longer periods of time) Or 4 times during 1 hour.

People would also be forced to use more than one hero if they want to do some heavy raiding. Meaning they can't just use their super buffed rambo hero who holds all the cool items.

Heroes without stamina wouldn't be able to change items either.

Note that this is just an example on how this could work. I'm not saying
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