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Revised combat system and spy actions:

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Revised combat system and spy actions:

Postby criticalfail » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:22 pm

Combat - Revised combat actions

All Out attack - The two forces fight until one side is completely destroyed. All out attack will lock up both armies for a set amount of time. The city which is victim to an all out attack will have all production, building and research outputs lowered during the duration of the battle. So instead of just having a "travel timer" there would also be a "battle timer". This would make all out attacks more logical and less similar to a normal raid.

Tactical attack / Skirmish - The purpose of a tactical attack or skirmish is to wear down the defenses of a city or test the defenses of a city. This attack will generate no loot even if all defending forces are destroyed. Information on the city defenses will only be available if the attacker survive with enough troops to gather information. This attack type will not lock up the city in battle. So there will be no "battle timer". Tactical attack could be used if spies fail. If you don't want to lock up your troops in battle. (and instead launch multiple tactical attack / skirmishes until all defenders are destroyed).

A raid will deal low or no damage to the defending force and low or medium damage to the attacking force. Raiding should be a risky business. Raiding would not generate any offensive bonuses since the objective is to steal resources and not to cause as much damage as possible to the defenders.

Spy - New Spy actions
Sabotage Production - Spies are sent to sabotage Production. Depending on the success the current production queue will either be delayed or cost more resources to finish. Should no further resources be available the entire production will crash and the resources will be lost.

Sabotage Energy - Spies are sent to sabotage the energy output of a certain city. Depending on the success X amount of energy will be unavailable for Y amount of time.

Sabotage Research - Spies are sent to sabotage the research of a city. Depending on the success the research output will be lowered for X amount for Y amount of time.

These are just some suggestions; im certain that combat and spy actions can be made much more interesting, diverse and tactical than they are in their current state.
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