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Please fix (embassy/raiding)


Please fix (embassy/raiding)

Postby Itzu » Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:45 pm

Here are several problems that should be addressed, asap.

I recently was being stupid and not thinking ahead. I sent almost 1000 (100% offense troops) to an inactives embassy for the 19k bonus. Like 5-10 minutes after I did this, I find out all my troops are now dead in that embassy. It doesn't give a report or tell me who did it.

1) Allies should not be allowed to attack allied embassy troops.
2) Embassy should only be between alliance people. Not everybody.
3) Inactives once a month should be wiped and also NPC's put in place for raiding. Each NPC has a recharge timer for resources, and the amount of resources gained should be random, also depending on the NPC level.

I think these changes are much needed.
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Re: Please fix (embassy/raiding)

Postby nman51 » Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:04 pm

I disagree about the embassies being only for alliance members.
In many good online web-browser games great big alliances are formed that only accepts players with a minimum strength or size etc. Limiting the embassy to alliance only prevents you from protecting a friend via embassy untill he is strong enough to join you alliance.
However, i do suggest to allow for a 2 embassy system, 1 for alliance only, and one "protectorate" embassy where you can only defened a smaller player outside your alliance.
In any case i think an embassy should be approved by both players before troops can be sent.

I also wish to second the sugesstion to put NPCs in the game but not only instead of inactives but also as standalone cities with recharge times for troops and resources.
Another interesting concept is one time NPCs, randomly generated villages that can be attacked and not raided, once all the defenders are cleared the village disappears from the game & the victor takes the spoils in form of resources, gold and maybe also population.

Just a few toughts that could make the game much more fun and playable :)
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