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Tips on playing renations, both new players and old

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Tips on playing renations, both new players and old

Postby Jorolo » Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:34 am

First i would like you all to consider that my main language isn't english, so you'll probably see alot of words misspelled and sentences which makes no sence. But I'll make a try to point out some gameplay information.
I've already posted a racial guide.

Your second city
This is something you should probably rush, I got mine at around 1.2k Pop. But you should keep in mind that'll cost you 2500 for the national permit and then another 250 for setting it up.
First of all you should research agents and scout nearby areas for a good spot to set your second city up, best option is two of the materials which you didnt get in your capital and another thing to look for is embassy or main building at lvl 3/6/9 since they'll give you a good POP bonus early on (more income)

You should also beaware that for each new city you build your income/pop will decrease out of something that the devs like to call for "Corruption"

Increasing your pop
The best way for increasing your population in my opinion is the mainbuilding (Community, City Base, X, X) and embassy ( is it called embassy for every race+) , the second alternative is rather expensive later on but will grant you a higher/faster population boost than your mainbuilding.
If your low on resources you should keep in mind that upgrading those also grant a good boost in population, maybe not at the earlier lvls, but later on they are by far your second choice under Embassy/Main to build in order to gain population.

One of the problems early that you might get in touch with is that your pockets are empty and you'll find it hard to get around the goldcost/building (ofcourse this depends on how you build)
Here are some good tips at making gold early on.
RARES: Selling rares early on especially if you've got an early second city. This is by all means the reason I managed to raise in ranks. The gold gave me huge advantage. I could hire more expensive buildings. Keep upgrading my embassy and as well buy those materials i needed at the moment.
Scouting: Depending on what faction ur playing this units and their building will differ, but their diffrent names are: Agents,Scouts,Watchers and Missionary might seem expensive at the begining with their cost (160bas res + 160gold and alot of power early on to maintain) but if you get a couple of those and keep them scouting at all time, you'll find rares, bas res, gold and RP. They do payoff quite quickly if you use them to scout nearby tiles. But this depends on your gamestyle whetever you should get 1-2 agents or 5 agents. I myself went with 3 and found it rather pleasent sending them away every 10-18min to a new spots for looting res/gold/RP and ofcourse to scout for that superior land with rare/rare/lvl9 building to set up a new city at.
Market: By studying the market and keeping track of prices you can buy/sell items and make a profit. It might be quite risky if you dont have the capital for it, but in the begining it wasn't that big of sums.

I have at all times tried to keep the tax at 0% and get my income from the tips earlier mentioned. This has proven to be a big advantage since you get your Third City early on and can farm even more rare resources and as well upgrade units.
If your uncertain about what to research just keep it unsettle and decide later on as the RP wont go away and you can spend in instantly later. Some research are not nececary. For example upgraded off/def 50% and tier 2 balanced are deadends and lesser than the uppgraded 100%def and 100% off.
Later on focusing on getting Heroes called overseers and +research implants can greatly improve your RP togheter with upgrading your sciencebuilding. Keep in mind that these bonuses only applies to the city where the hero is currently living.

In progress, will try to make a simply guide out of choices, rewards and requirements. Could use some help on it :)

Raiding & Attacking
By raiding and attacking other people constantly you can secure a greater income of resources than that of your resource buildings. But you should be well aware that a throw of a snowball can easily start an avalance, so pick your targets carefully. I myself have set the rule that I wont raid anyone especially active and if the request a ceasefire I gladly accept it hoping they will continue to play this evolving game. Ofcourse some people will think it's funny to make people rage-quit out of constantly being raided.
If you're the victim of such a player i can only suggest that you'll upgrade your shield as high as possible and start building def troops and eventually hire a "Protector" Hero which also give some +%defensive. Another way around it is to join a strong alliance and intimidate your bully. People are less likely to raid anyone within a powerful alliance in fear of retaliation.
Always keep in mind that if you're able to bring down more of your oppents power than he from you. You're probably winning and he'll back off.

If you got spare troops or just need to free some energy, do instances! They do reward you genoursly.
Keep in mind that your first hero will probably be a Useless one and that instances can only be done once. So you might want to save some instances for later in order to boost a new hero of a higher tier.

A hero is something you should get asap. You get the ability to hire a hero once you've built a barack and a hero building(Cantina for Time Travlers). You must research the building. There are currently 7tiers of heroes
Mediocre <- lvl 1hero building
Good <- lvl 2
Powerful <- lvl 3
Superior <- lvl 4
Legendary <- lvl 5 ( Can only be obtain by spending GC )

There are X kinds of heroes, I'll call these titles.
Architect (+%building time, Useful, especially later on.)
Commander (+%offensive, Useful, especially if you tend to raid active people with defensive armies, this way you can actually make a player with shield lose more than you, by adding some nice +%off implants you can make sure to kill off targets smoothly. I do however only suggest one of these in all of your cities, use it for lowering the defence and send other heroes in afterwards.
Overseer ( grants +%gold/h and +%RP/h. Useful through the entire game, especially early on, since they can easily replace +%RP buildings)
Protector (+%defensive. Great to have if you find yourself being raided/attacked/conquested. But you should never keep more than one in a city since only one heroes abilitys and implants count in an actual battle )
Travler (+%Speed, Worthless imo. Myself got one as my first hero since it was the only useless avaible. They do speed up your attacking/raiding speed, but really it's not worth it)
Veteran (+%Recruitment. Speeds up recruiting of units, never gotten one. It's up to your play-style. Only reason i can see atm would be endgame to recruit fast units in order to secure a conquest? )

This is one of the things you'll come to love or hate about this game. Except your Capital aka. your first city all your other cities can get Conquested, by other words hijacked by another player. In order to conquest a city you'll have to choose that option instead of attacking/raiding/spying on another player. You have to break through that player defence and keep it under siege (you can't loose all of your troops and have that player reach the city for 24h) if you succed at doing so you can now give yourself a pat on the shoulder and enjoy a free new city. You can also obtain a city within less than 24hours if the player decides to "give up" as a victim you got the option to just hand the city over. This on the other hand can also be used to boost a fellow. You can easily just hand over the ownership to your new pal ingame.
This is one of the meanest thing to do, but might also be the funniest. But keep in mind that it's only a game and if you find yourself with a city less. Just rise from the ashes and let that ****** taste his own medicin.

In progress
See for information about how to obtain prisoners.

Probably missed a lot, but atleast it's a start to something. By all means ask questions, fill in information which you think got value to other players and correct my english.

Sincerly Jorolo
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Re: Tips on playing renations, both new players and old

Postby Jorolo » Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:37 am

Keeping an extra post beneath. Might come in handy :)
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