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Guide: Log Books

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Guide: Log Books

Postby vom53 » Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:06 am

What you shall read here are spoilers:

Log 1
LOG 1 - The Fallen Son - part 1
As I close my eyes it takes me back to that time, the beginning and the end of everything.

I was just a kid when the big bomb lit up the sky, I was scared at first but when I asked my father what was to become of us he answered me calmly by saying that everything was going to be alright and that a new age would now begin.

I remember it was a rainy morning the day we departed, father had said that we were going to our new home which was going to protect us from what was to come.

As we arrived the rain had stopped and instead we were surrounded by snow and there right in front of me was a huge crowd of people surrounding what seemed to be a big iron door. My father pointed at the big door and said to me that there is our new home.

In this new home I later became a scientist I was always interested in life and the secrets behind it. My father had become the leader of our society and reformed it.

This new society embraced the strong and the smart and let the weak either serve or die. In a society focused so much on the survival of the fittest an arena was quickly established, here people was faced against each other for glory and power.

No ranged weapons were allowed when a duel commenced, as it was deemed much more honorable to defeat your opponent wielding a melee weapon because of the skill required.

I myself had also began dueling in the arena, and undefeated as I was the people soon expected me to become the new champion, they called me a prodigy.

I always strived for perfection in anything I did and my father always embraced it. I saw my father to be more than human he was at the time more like a god to me.

But I was wrong, I would soon realize that my father was nothing more than a petty human....

Log 2
LOG 2 - The Fallen Son - part 2
As my father became older I saw the life in him rot away. I wanted to save him, make him live forever.

I had for a long time researched the principles of life and I quickly realized that death could be stopped.

I tried many things that failed, but then one day immortality was in my reach. In my research I happened to stumble upon the discovery of a force which exist in all of life. When we die this lifeforce leaves our bodies and our body is left empty. So in order to live again, a new force must be inserted as replacement.

And I had finally figured out how to do it....

I was happy, I could finally save my father from his pathetic death and he would live to see the new world.

But as I talked to my father he refused, I told him that he could rule forever that he could see the world in his dreams.

My father laughed at me and said that without death humanity would never evolve, that we would never reach new heights.

I told him that with immortality we would be evolved we would be the new race of humans.

He told me that I was pathetic that I would be willing to cast away 4 billion years of evolution just to achieve a selfless goal. The ultimate goal for all beings is evolution he said.

I told him that in 4 billion years we may have gained arms and legs but life still ends, humanity will never gain what I had to offer through evolution.

He told me that I had low hopes for humanity and that I only grasped to the mortal world while he saw humanity to reach beyond this mortal world and into the domain of gods.

I screamed at him I was infuriated with him. "That is but a naive dream father, life is what matters, we humans are weak, we die after a mere hundred years compared to stars that exist for billions of years, we are a disgrace to existence itself!"

Father turned his back and walked away. "You have fallen my son.... The evolution of life is far greater than any of us and I will not let you destroy it, thereby I sentence you to receive the ultimate judgment... Death!"

Oh dear father I am going to surpass even death.

Log 3

LOG 3 - The Great Escape
Drenched in my families blood, I made my great escape.

I realized that I had to move fast, it wouldn't take long before my father issued the arrest.

I quickly headed to my chambers where I gathered my research and started to finalize my experiment. Soon I could hear people outside my door, they were about to force open the door and capture me. But as they bursted in I had already set out my trap, they died in a bang...

I took my leave from my chambers and headed to the control room, where I could open the great door. The people in the control room stood no chance as they quickly fell to my feet. I activated the command to open the door and headed to the exit.

There I was met by hundreds of soldiers and was told to lay down my arms. I laughed, what they had failed to realize was that while in the control room I had access to all the defensive measures of the base and by a push of a button the turrets turned against the soldiers.

The soldiers screamed as they were mowed down by the surrounding turrets, the aftermath was a pile of bodies and a river of blood.

As I was about to make my way to freedom, the turrets exploded and I was met by two arch knights, my half sister and half brother, two of the strongest people in the whole order.

They told me that this was the end of the road, that I should know that I would never be able to defeat both of them.

I said to them. "Would you kill your own brother just to please your father?"

They told me that by defying the emperor i destined myself to death instead of greatness.

I laughed at their ignorance. "Then we shall fight with honor brother and sister, draw your sword and come at me, and we shall see who is the greater."

They rushed at me and the fight had begun. As the battle reigned on I could clearly see that I was losing and soon the inevitable happened, I saw the sword strike through my guard and pierce my chest, I could feel my lifeforce leaving my body, but suddenly a seed within my body activated and a new lifeforce took its place.

My experiment was a success, I was reborn.

Before I hit the ground I took hold of my brothers arm and smiled as I swung my sword and cut off his head. My sister did not understand, how could anyone survive a strike like that. As I started to walk towards her I saw the fear in her eyes.

She started to beg for mercy, how pathetic. I thrusted the sword deep into her heart.

You were wrong brother and sister I am not destined for death, only greatness

Log 4:

LOG 4 - Sins of our Fathers - part 1
I now walk the path of damnation, I am no longer bound to the chains of humanity, I am now a child of life, the one that will walk the earth forever.

The world was now a cold dark place, the nuclear winter was still reigning the earth.

I was alone, where was I to go?

I decided to return to my old home where I had grown up, when my mother was still alive, when my family was happy.

During my venture I saw the ruins of big cities being buried by the snow. I wondered about the reason why this had happened, I remember asking father about it, but all he said was that humanity was destroyed by their own flaws.

When I arrived to my old home I managed to clear the debris so I could access the basement. When I was young I was not allowed into the basement, I always wondered why.

In the basement I found a book, it seemed to be a diary of my father and I could not help but to read it...

Log 5:

LOG 5 - Sins of our Fathers - part 2
As I delved deeper into my fathers diary some of the more interesting entries read:

27 June 2035
"I was a man of faith once, thought up to believe in the holy scriptures and to worship under one god, if I only knew then that it was all a lie.

In my early days I saw no other truth than the truth of these scriptures, they were my moral compass and a guide to the unknown. I was a family member of one of the most respected members within this religion, I was even granted a place within the sacred order.

But as the world modernized before me all that stood in the scriptures was proven wrong and my world view started to fell apart.

But I still have faith in the creator, he who created the universe and he who put life into existence. I know he is out there somewhere, maybe not in this realm but in the realm beyond."

12 February 2039
"Society is rotten, everyday I see how the weak clings to the strong and weigh them down, how we feed them, how we give them money and for what? So they can go on living, but never achieve anything with their pitiful life."

1 December 2042
"My beautiful wife just gave birth to a masterpiece of creation, a baby boy! Oh what great things I see in store for this child, he will reach for the heavens and beyond!"

12 July 2048
"As she lay dying in my arms, the life we had flashed through my mind. How could you punish me like this? God took the one thing that I hold dearest in this world. And for that I will make him suffer!"

2 April 2049
"I am now the leader of the order, now my plan can be put to place. But I need to be patient, this can only succeed if there is chaos in the world, but knowing humanity chaos always comes.

I will split humanity from its chains and destroy everything that would hinder our evolution, the strong shall prosper and the weak shall perish!"

19 October 2052
"The time I have waited for is now, today the bombs shall fall over the world and a brand new world shall arise from its ashes. A world were humanity will rapidly evolve and to one day walk into the realm of the creator and once there we shall slay the creator himself and become masters of everything. This will be my revenge, my love..."

Log 6:

LOG 6 - The Butterfly Dream - part 1
The Butterfly has 4 stages in its transformation, first its birth as an egg which hatches into a caterpillar which survives on its surroundings until it is ready to begin its next transformation as it envelops itself into a cocoon, stuck in the darkness as it awaits its final transformation, waiting to achieve its glorious freedom into the light and escape the void of darkness.
Finally the cocoon is shattered and the butterfly emerges as it soars towards the light.
The same stages could be set for humans, we are born, we start of life dependent on others, we all experience a dark passage in our life and then we emerge from the darkness into our complete self.

Log 7:
LOG 7 - The Butterfly Dream - part 2
As the time past, the dark clouds of the nuclear war started to dissipate, and the light reached the surface once again. Eventually the ice started to melt and the world was on its way to recovery.

During these years I was most of the time alone, but I did meet survivors now and then, but most had lost touch with reality and driven mad.
I too could feel my mind slipping and falling into the darkness, I had been alone for so long in this dark dark world.

But there came times that I did meet survivors that was not crazy, a vast amount of people had barricaded themselves deep within the mountains.
I met a small group there in my search to rid myself of my loneliness. They attacked me, thinking I was one of the crazed survivors, I fenced them off and we stopped fighting as they realized that I was not one of the crazed survivors and I told them a made up story about how my family was killed by mad ones, and that I was the sole survivor, after hearing the story they took me in with open arms.

I lived with this small group of people for several years, they where people I cared about, they became my new family and finally I could feel as the darkness that had clouded my mind dissipate into the realm of clarity.

But with humanity greed and chaos always follows.

Log 8:
LOG 8 - The Butterfly Dream - part 3
Inside the mountain there were several groups of people that inhabited different areas. But as time past many of the groups merged with each other creating bigger groups and in the end 2 major groups emerged which each of them took control over the two sides, one group had the western tunnels and the other had the east. Soon conflicts arose between the two groups and in the end the inevitable happened, war was started.

There was those that stayed neutral and did not want anything to do with the war and our small group was one of them. But you can,t escape war as it rages on your doorsteps. One day news came to us that the two sides had started to force neutral groups to join them and if they refused they would suffer death. And soon the day came when they arrived at our cave, we refused at first and started defending our selfs but they managed to take hostages, so we had to drop our arms for their survival and they gave us an ultimatum, if the men where to join them in the war our group would be spared. We unwillingly accepted their terms.

So I fought with one of the sides as we raged war against the other group. As the war reigned on, victory after victory, we gained closer to the enemies headquarters. But they where not done yet, soon the biggest battle fought in the caverns would commence as we would try to attack their headquarters. But the leaders of our side was naive, we ran into a trap and the enemies appeared all around us, the battle reigned on but with enemies all around, our troops lost heart and started to retreat. This was the battle that would decide the outcome of this war, and the enemy would probably have won if it was not for me. In the middle of the battle I stood as I slayed hundreds of them. And when the retreating troops saw me shooting down one after the other they stopped their retreat and with their hearts once again filled with hope of victory they started to fight once more. We stood victorious as the enemy lay down their arms and surrendered.

I was finally done with the war and was to be reunited with my group, but as I arrived at our cave I heard screams coming from our camp, my people where under attack, I quickly charged at the enemy soldiers and I shoot most of them down but one succeeded in getting up close and thrusting his dagger into me, I slashed his head of with my sword. As the battle was over there was but a few survivors, I was happy to see them but as I looked into their eyes I saw that something was wrong... It was the same eyes as my sister had when brother pierced me, it was the eyes of fear. They called me a monster, they saw me as an abomination, my family had rejected me after all that I had done for them, for the war that I had endure for them. And now just because they are inferior to me, just because I have the power of a god they call me a monster. I felt as the darkness once again engulfed me, as it swallowed me completely. In a rage I killed my new family and I did not rest until I had slaughtered every human within these caves, no one escaped my wrath.

I am the darkness, I will never be the butterfly.

Log 9:
LOG 9 - The Darkness Grows
From the origin of light darkness is born All beings are innocent at birth, there is no darkness within a new born, but all humans are corruptible,our free will makes us think different then others, and this lead to segregation to different groups, some will feel the crave for power to stand out amongst the others, conflicts will be raised, war is always inevitable, the chain of hatred will begin and one day the hatred in the world will be so big that it will lead to its destruction. That is what will always happen with humanity.

Father believed that by the destruction of the old world he would eliminate the segregation that existed in the world and by making one nation that would stand united. But he was also obsessed with evolution,so he believed that by removing the weak within the society and forming a people that would do anything to strive for greater heights and with one ruler there would be no disputes the people would follow the will of the emperor.

But it will never work, as time past there will arise leaders to defy the emperor, and people will follow these leaders as they attempt to reform their society. So even the united empire will fall eventually and war would reign once again.

There is but one solution... To rid this world from its curse that is humanity and its free will.

I will create a new race, that shall take humanities place as rulers of this world, a race that will live forever and put an end to sorrow, their will shall be limited and peace shall reign. I will become their god and with my guidance they shall prosper for all of eternity.

Log 10:
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