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I hereby announce "The Clockwork"

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I hereby announce "The Clockwork"

Postby Jorolo » Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:48 pm

The Clockwork

With the upcoming server I’m planning on creating an alliance. The Clockwork, which will revolve around

• Harboring the most active players. (Social-life is prior to gaming, but I do expect members to play quite a bit and almost always keep their cities at work. )

• Displaying a mature community (We may be anonymous behind our 22” screen but that doesn’t give us the chance to be rude or express our self in means that we wouldn’t do face to face.)

Enhancing the gameplay for others within and outside the alliance. (By encouraging others to play, the game in itself will improve.)


• Have among the most active players.

• Keeping the alliance at a top #3 position.

• Limited to 20/25 members, at least until the alliance is in need to expand in order to keep up in military strength to other alliances.

• Strong defensive military.

• Thrust among the members.

Current application criteria’s

• People who wish to apply are based on their currently activity on Equinox, social connection to other players already in the alliance and new players are based on their further dedication towards this game.

Keep in mind that my intention with this alliance is mainly social networking and not to wage war therefore I do not recommend Clockwork if you’re

• Planning on raiding active targets and deny their ceasefire invitation (This is my golden rule and as such will be one of the core rules of the alliance, if players do not wish to fight you, you should leave them alone.

• Cursing other players for no good reason / using improper language in forums/chat.

But I do recommend it for following players

• Players who wish to stand on a solid platform at war times (We will at all cost take care of each other against threats.)

• Having similar players to chat with and exchange thoughts.

This is just an early layout for my alliance The Clockwork.
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Re: I hereby announce "The Clockwork"

Postby bumbasaur » Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:24 pm

Too bad it's me warmonger 8-)
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Re: I hereby announce "The Clockwork"

Postby penjuin3 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:09 pm

Sounds interesting, I might like to join.
Reasons why I would be a good candidate:
I was extremely active in Closed Beta (Not so much in Open Beta, but I've regained activity recently.)
I was the 11th Closed Beta player, so I know the game extremely well.
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