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Coming updates

News, rule changes, server starts etc

Coming updates

Postby jockewissing » Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:20 am

Here we will list planned updates, stuff that we are discussing but have not agreed on internally and on going improvements.

    Short play server
    Hall of fame (Score discussion still ongoing)
    Server end page (result screen for ended servers)
    Improved messaging (on transfer, raid, scout, subscriptions)
    Barter (1x1 change of resources and RP/gold at market)
    Promotion page (To help spread the game)
    Management of abandoned cities (Includes PVE/Airpirates)
    Siege description (function not clear for users)
    Instance update (battle system, show lost units)
    End game (light implementation)
    Wiki (ask users for assistance)
    Build countdown (countdown to when I can create/upgrade building)
    Scout reports (better overview of scouted areas)
    Mobile Client (for better experience while playing on a smartphone)
    Automized reports of events (history log)
    Alliance leadership switch

In discussion:
    Resource bombardment (with siege units)
    Embassy update (more slots, changed reward)
    Alliance and warfare (Cap alliance and only allow war between alliances, also include more benefits for beeing part of an alliance)
    End game (full implementation)
    Embassy 2.0 (attack with troops in embassy)

On going:
    Correct spelling
    Add more illustrations (first add more gfx for buildings)
    GUI enhancements
    Bug fixes
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Re: Coming updates

Postby irish27289 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:53 pm

looks good.... can't wait for them to be installed...
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